Tony Perotti

Tony Perotti has been producing accessories with superior quality and to the highest standards of workmanship since 1972. Combined with his goal to share his experiences as a craftsman and luxury traveller, the Italian designer has developed his range of bags and other Tony Perotti accessories to cater for all. The leather luxuries are fashionable, functional, and of course, ecologically friendly.

With a lifelong respect for the environment and his local communities, Perotti sought out manners of creating leather that were non-toxic to humans and the environment and soon used the esteemed local Vera Pelle tannery to create his ‘Green’ and ‘Versilia’ Tony Perotti accessories collections. The Vera Pelle only uses methods that have been passed on throughout the generations and only use natural plant extracts and pure olive oils to preserve the natural beauty of leather.

The rich material then has vegetable-tanning applied by hand to bring out the natural markings of the leather; just as every fingerprint has a different pattern, the vegetable-tanning brings the unique grains, markings and patterns to the surface of the leather leaving no bag the same.

All the factors of the high grain leather, hand-tanned eco-friendly oils, age-old craftsmanship and a desire for luxury accessories create the original, unique and timeless pieces of art you see today. Perotti himself checks the quality of your items.

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